Hour Glass Final Project

Novel Features:

  • Plexiglass body for stability and easy manufacturability
  • Foam inside for cushion and securing parts
  • PCB designed and fabricated to ensure stability with part connections
  • Used male to female connectors on the board for reusable design
  • LEDs light up to look cool (except those stupid ones I ordered that are 12V LEDs. But hey, I can’t wait another 2 weeks)



  • Box fits the dimensions of 6” x 8” x 2” (well, almost, reset button broke it) 2.1 for sure
  • Does not rattle when shaken
  • Project used the STM32F446 Nucleo Board
  • Batteries are accessible without disassembly
  • The project is fully self-contained
  • There is both an on, off, and reset switch, including 2 select switches
  • There is a mix of C and Assembly Code
  • The hourglass responds to the up and down motion
  • The pachinko falls randomly using a random number generator
  • The Waterfall code responds to x and y axis, the water levels out to where no LEDS stack unless they are held by walls or gravity. Just as real water would react
  • Final extra state that displays DON! In assembly code



Although I cannot release the code as this was a school project, I would be glad to answer questions you may have. Feel free to email me at donald.croxtoniii@gmail.com